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Hello Solar Businesses, we provide you pay-per-lead services; 

Solar businesses cost per lead is anywhere from $200 to $250, do not waste money and effort, let RXG help you with your lead generation needs. We are here to partner with you for your residential solar lead generation in the USA

RXG Solar Lead Solutions Working:

According to the surveys: 90 percent of people said they were considering solar at home to save money on their utility bills, 87 percent are of the opinion that they wanted to help the environment, while 62 percent said it was because solar panels would be better for their health so people are actively searching for reliable companies to shift to the solar. We generate solar leads through traditional ways such as from landing pages, ads, email marketing, cold calling and social media. 

We connect you with the homeowners for their solar needs

Your sales team reaches out to them and schedule an appointment

You close them and install your solar solutions at their homes

We qualify all of our residential solar installation leads to give you the best homeowners in your service area.

Our pricing

We provide you with scalable and predictable programs for your business. When you join us, you’re in control of the opportunities you receive which will help you increase your bottom-line. You only pay per lead while we target for you the homeowners who are actively looking to switch to the solar installation.


We generate quality leads in volume for Solar Industries.